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Yes, Dietitians Do Eat (And Not Always Healthfully)

The truth about dietitians’ diets! Balance is key and deprivation is never the answer. How many times have you been asked by patients, friends and relative about what you eat?...

Nothing is “Off the Record”

When being interviewed…NOTHING is off the record. Some tips and tricks for registered dietitians to keep in mind when being interviewed by the media on nutrition topics. When doing an...

Why Professionals Photos are a Must

Why professional photos are a must for registered dietitians looking to connect with brands and work with the media. Move over selfies…it’s time for some professional photos! We’ve all had...

Specialize in Something That Makes you Feel Special

Why it’s important to not only be an expert in your chosen field, but to also be passionate about the work you’re doing as well. “Specialize in something that makes...