Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

With more than 30+ years of experience conducting thousands of media interviews, juggling a booming private practice and working with brands, I’ve seen it all…and now I want to share my best tips with you to elevate your own brand and get your name in the  news. 

I never had an agent or a manager or a publicist — I worked hard to learn the tricks of the trade and I want to teach you how to reach out and grab those interviews.

Why you? Because there are lots of “influencers” out there that are taking up space in top tier media, where your name and quotes should be going. Are you ready to step up to the mic? 

You have the tools — now you just need to learn how to use them to your  advantage. Let me help you.

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your face on a TV screen or reading your name in print?

Here’s how I can help you stop dreaming and start creating:

After doing thousands of interviews…I want to share my best tips in the BTD Media Makers News Digest to catapult you from pitch to profit by discovering your own voice and talents. 


Together we’ll turn your credibility into visibility


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Let's talk about your future

Whether you’re a newbie to interviewing and you need to find your voice or you’re a seasoned media maven looking to boost your presence, I can help guide you.

Perfecting an interview doesn’t just come naturally — it takes knowledge, skill, practice and confidence. For me, knowledge came from school, but as for the other traits, experience was my teacher.

Now — I want to teach you how to:

 create long-lasting relationships with journalists, editors and producers

 navigate and negotiate contracts

– pivot from difficult questions during media interviews

– reap the financial rewards you deserve for your expertise

 stand out from your peers and find your voice

 be true to yourself without compromising your beliefs

Are you ready to set up a one-to-one private coaching session with me? Let’s chat!

Specialize in Something That Makes You Feel Special | Bonnie Taub-Dix

Let's master media interviews together

My media training sessions and coaching blogs are like no other; you’re not going to find another RD that has had as varied a background for as long as I have.

Most media coaches teach with generalizations; I know the ins and outs of being an RD and how to pitch with soundbites that sell.

My tips will help you build relationships with brands and media to boost your popularity as well as your bank account.

Please visit my blog to help you build your reputation and relevance with the pillars of integrity, reliability, knowledge and… a side of humor.

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Imagine what it would be like to see your name in print or see your face on your own TV screen!

I launched an Instagram feed just for you!  My tips on @BTDmedia will coach RDs and health and wellness influencers about how to ditch their fears about working with media to help them create messages that will make the greatest impact.

All platforms of social media are explored here, including hands-on tips for TV, magazines, newspapers, websites and radio interviews. We each have our own unique stories to tell and our own styles of telling them. I can help you learn how to speak in the language of your audience using the voice that makes you feel the most comfortable and confident.

Why not DM me @BTDmedia to get your questions answered or just to say hi!

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